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Maximum Impact Blue Bubble Soccer Inflatable Bumper Ball




  • UNBELIEVABLE FUN - Bounce around the field, smashing into opponents and smooshing into the ground. This inflatable bumper ball is your key to the fast-growing, ridiculously fun world of bubble soccer.
  • SUPER-SIZED FUN - At four feet tall and wide, our bubble soccer ball provides plenty of protective cushioning.
  • READY FOR ACTION - Comfortable and sturdy woven polyester shoulder straps keep you safe and stable within the bumper. Enjoy a crazy game of out-of-the-box fun without worry of slipping out!
  • STABLE AND SECURE - Large comfortable handles stabilize your gameplay. Grab and push to knock down your opponents!
  • 90-DAY WARRANTY - Your product comes with a 90 day manufacturer warranty. Your item will arrive damage free with all necessary parts and accessories. If something goes wrong, we'll work tirelessly until you're satisfied with your product.


Your idea of a good time will be altered for eternity after strapping into these bubbles of fun! Push, shove, and pummel your opponents with the comfort of knowing you're protected by Maximum Impact Bubble Soccer's sturdy exterior shell and strong yet comfortable shoulder straps. A lively bubble soccer match is safer than regular soccer...and definitely wackier! You'll not only have fun, but you'll also get some outstanding exercise! Let Maximum Impact Bubble Soccer be your go-to outdoor activity!

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