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SolarCurve Solar Heater for Above Ground Pools




  • Unique curved shape allows for maximum heat absorption
  • 51-ft long 1.2-in solar coils housed within heating station
  • For above ground pools up to 30-ft round, 12,000-gal
  • Fits 1.25-in to 1.5-in hose fitting
  • Includes 2 installation hoses and stainless steel hose clamps
  • Includes fittings for soft sided, 2.25-in hoses
  • Connect multiple heaters to increase heating capacity


Save money with the SolarCurve Solar Heater for above ground pools using free solar power. This unique heater brings the existing concept of solar heating domes to the next level. This solar heater has a new, more efficient curved shape and design that will considerably lower the amount of time it takes to heat your pool while also increasing the heating capacity by 40% per cycle. SolarCurve generates enough heat transfer to increase pool temperature by 5 degrees in 5 days. This unit features easy, do-it-yourself installation with everything needed to get up and running in minutes. Once connected, your pump-operated filtering system feeds water into the heating station through the solar coils and is warmed by the solar energy collected within. Soothing, warmed water is then pumped back into your pool through the exit port and hose leading to your return fitting inlet. Each SolarCurve comes complete with an adapter for soft sided pools, two installation hoses, and collapsible base legs for easy mobility and adjustment if needed. Connect multiple units to generate more heat in less time (requires bypass kit, sold separately). 1-year limited warranty.


  • Brand: Blue Wave
  • UPC: 672875299027
  • Color: Black
  • Materials: Resin,Rubber
  • # of Each: 1
  • Choking Hazard: No

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