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Retail Parts Program

Want to get into the parts business but don’t want to invest in a full container?

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We now sell parts for use with Hayward®, Pentair® & most other major brands. Parts ship in retail ready packaging same day - all in case quantities with no minimum order!

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Our SKU A.C. Model # Part Description OEM
NEP4000 BS 17795 Skimmer Basket for Hayward® and Swimquip® SP 1070E / 8650-7
NEP4001 BS 08184 2 Pins and Spring Clip to attach Vac Head to Vac Pole Universal
NEP4002 AC 93122 Pentair Pump Basket 070387
NEP4003 BS 53880 Skimmer Basket for Hayward® SP 1082. 1082C
NEP4004 JT 37541 3/4" WHITE Hydrostream Fitting for Hayward® SP 1419D
NEP4005 BS 6641 White Plastic Replacement Vac Handle Universal
NEP4006 BS 17396 Threaded Return Plug w/Extra O Ring for Hayward® SP 1022C
NEP4007 BS 21202 Pump Basket for Hayward® SPX 3000M
NEP4008 BS 15733 Skimmer Basket Baker Hydro® 51-B-1026 / 51-B-1005
NEP4009 BS 11770 9 1/8" Skimmer Cover for American® 850075
NEP4010 AC 67598 Dial Pressure Gauge Bottom Mount Universal
NEP4011 BS 26867 10" Skimmer Lid for Swimquip® 8650-58
NEP4012 BS 26735 Pump Basket for Hayward® SP 1600M
NEP4013 BS 26530 Skim Vac for Hayward® SP 1106
NEP4014 BS 12149 Basket for Pacfab® CHALLENGER Pump 35-5318
NEP4015 AC 20427 Skimmer Weir fits StaRite R240067
NEP4016 BS 26433 Skimmer Weir for Swimquip® 8650-22 / U3
NEP4017 BS 15679 Replacement for American® Skimmer Basket 850001
NEP4018 BS 11762 (2) 1/4" Plugs w/Viton O Rings for Hayward® SPX 1700FGV
NEP4019 BS 16233 Replacement for American® 8" Admiral Weir 85001500
NEP4020 BS 21261 Replacement for American®/Starite® Lock Top Strainer Basket 390006 / C108-33P
NEP4021 BS 15687 Replacement for American® Admiral Skimmer Basket 850145
NEP4022 AC 76473 Dial Pressure Gauge - Back Mount Universal
NEP4023 JT 37532 Complete WHITE Return Fitting WITH 3/4" Eyeball for Hayward® SP 1023 / SP 1419D
NEP4024 BS 55646 Seat Removal Tool (Replaces SP 1419T) SP 1419T
NEP4025 AC 20400 8" Weir fits American Products® R240008
NEP4026 BS 58580 Skimmer Basket for Hayward® SP 1096CA 1096CA
NEP4027 BS 69337 Skimmer Basket for Fermat, Olympic and ILP - Fits All ACM88
NEP4028 BS 10081 Air Relief Assembly with "O" Ring to fit Hayward® Perflex® ECX 1322A
NEP4029 BS 10197 Skimmer Cover, Square for Hayward® SP 1082E
NEP4030 BS 26514 Replacement for American® Vacuum Plate 850019
NEP4031 BS 20230 Skim Vac Plate w/Elbow for Hayward® SP 1104-1
NEP4032 BS 26697 Weir to Replace Hayward® SP 1082K SP 1082K
NEP4033 BS 21229 Replacement for American® Skimmer Basket - Concrete 850039
NEP4034 BS 20001 Universal Drain Cap S180H
NEP4035 BS 08427 H & L Lid/Gasket/Basket/Housing to fit Hayward® Powerflo® Pump SP 1516 / SPX 1500 Complete
NEP4036 BS 40061 WHITE Hose Fitting (1 1/4" & 1 1/2" Hose)/Teflon Tape/SS Clamp SPX 1091Z7
NEP4037 BS 09903 Check Valve & Inlet Fitting Adapter CLX 220EA
NEP4038 BS 09768 Saddle Fitting Pack (w/4' Tubing) CL 200GA
NEP4039 BS 68985 Weir for Fermat and Olympic Thru Wall Skimmers ACM86ABS
NEP4040 BS 07226 Basket for Pacfab® 51-3036
NEP4041 BS 26549 Skim Vac w/Elbow for Hayward® SP 1107-1
NEP4042 AC 22276 Clear Lid w/O Ring. To Replace Hayward® SP1500D2 SPX 1500D2
NEP4043 BS 26980 Replacement for American® Floating Weir 850012
NEP4044 AC 20435 7 1/4" Weir fits Pac Fab® R240058
NEP4045 BS 08419 Replacement for American® Pump Basket - Ultra Pump 393035
NEP4046 BS 08575 Skimmer Basket for Hayward® SP 1094FA
NEP4047 BS 11657 (2 Each) H&L Cover Knob & Swivel Nut Set SP1600P / SP 1600N
NEP4048 BS 10537 Skim Vac for Hayward® 1095 Skimmer SP 1094D
NEP4049 BS 26387 Skim Vac w/Elbow & Straight Fitting for Hayward® SP 1105-2 / SP 1105-1
NEP4050 BS 50636 Skimmer Weir for Hayward® - WHITE SP 1096K